The days are long…

I know the years are short, and that makes me sad…BUT oh boy, oh boy. I have the sassiest almost 4 year old and a 15 month old who wants to do everything his big brother does. L is a rule follower and definitely the type A first child (hello, I get it!) and everything needs a certain order; this is difficult to explain that his little brother has to learn and explore certain things on his own. This is a huge learning experience for me and makes me reflect back to my childhood. (E, T, D sorry for the early years!)

I’m going to make a point to have more one on one time with each boy. This move has been difficult on all of us in different ways.

But right now, I’m getting a pedicure in an empty nail salon…wish I brought some wine! (I needed to sneak out for my own sanity tonight.) Even The Queen of the Brotherhood sometimes needs a little time for self care.

(Full disclosure, the picture makes the craft look like fun…in reality it ended in tears.)


Growing and Learning

My little man, from the start, has wanted to do everything his big brother does. I don’t know if H ever even played with baby toys, I think he went right for the Superhero toys and Hot Wheels. Watching H cheer and point to L during swim today, seeing him excited when L waved to him, truly melted my heart. These two are so different but watching them work together and learn with each other is incredible. I appreciate that each day is a new adventure and I’m blessed to have these two by my side.

The Brotherhood and their Dad

As we took our afternoon walk today, I couldn’t help but take a step back (literally and figuratively) and just take in the view.

Life can get busy and hectic. There is that saying…the days are long but the years are short. I have to remind myself sometimes that L is not even 4. Both boys are learning and testing their limits daily.

Sometimes I hear fake farts (and real ones) and lots of giggles. Sometimes there are continuous conversations about bodily functions. (I think I need to stop making corn and asparagus, if you catch my drift about these conversations.)

Moments captured in the pictures below make it all worth it. We continue to settle into our new state and explore. We have each other. We all miss our lives from Columbus and Pennsylvania but we are excited to explore new places with our family and friends (from all over) when they come to visit.

We are adding to our story every day. I wouldn’t want to write my story with anyone other than the Brotherhood and their Dad. I just loved them so much.

Jeni’s Ice Cream

Sometimes you find that one great ice cream place and then move away. Jeni’s is one of them. Before we left Columbus, Jeni’s informed us that we could find their ice cream here in the Twin Cities at a few locations. We checked one of the Kowalski’s and were out of luck. Last week we decided to order some ice cream. Go figure, yesterday I found lots of Jeni’s at one of the Whole Foods here! We know we’re to go when we need our fix but I had two very happy boys find the bright orange box waiting for us when we got home!

Goodbye Winter

Well it’s been fun, Winter, but we are so ready for Spring!! We are ready for SPRING!!! We are very excited to explore our new state in a different season! We have a long list of places to go, places to eat and drink, and fun things to do! We would love to hear fun things that you may have done in/around the Twin Cities. Day trips? Weekend getaways? Give me all of the spots to hit up!

Now, as we say goodbye Winter, I’m going to sit here and watch last nights episode of The Walking Dead, since my husband decided he was going to take an hour long shower! (Sorry Megan!!!…I’ll be texting you shortly!!) Anyone else just love Negan?! I mean 😍

Sunday Mornings

Do you have a Sunday morning tradition? When my husband was young, his family went to church and then went to get donuts after. That’s always something he wanted to do with our boys. Although, I’d be down for a Sunday morning brunch instead of donuts from time to time😉! (hint hint Matt)

Date Night!

Mama and Daddy got to go out last night! Matt found Lawless Distilling Company randomly right after putting the kids to bed. We figured sure, let’s give it a try!

We walked in and immediately loved the space. Lawless is basically in a warehouse. Bar in front, distillery in back. I ordered a hot buttered rum… I knew it came with a toasted marshmallow, but didn’t realize I would get my own mini campfire to make a s’more! We had a few drinks here and cannot wait to go back. Definitely a place to bring family and friends when they visit! The drinks were great and the service was even better.

We also checked out Du Nord Cocktail Bar. Totally different atmosphere, still fun! I could see us going back here earlier on in the day/evening since they had a bunch of board games to play!

We see you Minnesota, and we are impressed.


So thankful it’s Friday!!! Looking forward to sneaking out tonight for a few drinks with the hubby and exploring the Twin Cities on a more adult level! 🥂

We have some recommendations from family and friends who either live here or visited, also from friends of friends! If anyone knows of any good places to try, please pass them my way!

Happy Friday!