What is everyone’s view on this topic? When I was 3 I went to 2 day preschool and when I was 4 I went to 3 day preschool.

The options seem to differ from area to area. I’ve see programs from 2-5 days, half days and whole days.

We chose 3 days this year and 5 days next year (half day). We did this since we thought that our kids seem to be extremely social since we have socialized them with peers since they were born! I credit this to Gymboree Play and Music and the wonderful Momfia crew that was created from there! (Although, Gymboree was totally for my sanity when L was 8 weeks old. I’m so grateful for the friendships that truly turned into family.)

The choice we made for L with school night not be the same choice we make for H since, as we are learning daily, they are different kiddos for sure!!

What did you choose for your family?


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