What I’ve learned so far today…and it’s only nap time!

H and I decided to check out the local library for story time today! I was excited to check out a new library and a new kids area. The two pictures above are as still and quiet as he was the entire time we were there. Let’s just say we didn’t make it through the 30 minute story time! The library sang and even had a mandolin. I was feeling it! H needs to run and climb. I’ll be signing up for a membership at a nearby indoor playground ASAP!!!

Below, check out that picture! It’s 39 degrees Fahrenheit and he’s in a short sleeve shirt (and missing shoes???). Clearly he’s acclimated to the Minnesota weather! We are all ready for spring time! We will take any outside time we can get!

I love these boys so much and I’m exhausted today…I thought maybe I’ll sneak a rest! Ha! WRONG! Neither boy wants to nap or rest today! Also, I wonder how long I’ve been walking around with peanut butter on my scarf. Happy Wednesday!


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