Toddler Classes

I’m having a hard time finding organized classes for the boys. I was excited to see that there was a Gymboree Play and Music nearby and a play cafe too, sadly both closed their doors before we moved to the Twin Cities.

I found a few indoor playgrounds (which will be AMAZING during the winter and rainy days). I signed them up for a Music Together class which I know will be good, but found out we were the only ones signed up and the class might be canceled.

I’m sure once the nicer weather comes along we will find playgrounds and parks to explore.

Today we went to a toddler time at a local Rec center and we literally were the only ones there for a while! It was nice having the space to play and run without worrying about others but WHERE ARE ALL OF THE PEOPLE?!?!?!

I’m really hoping to find some organized classes or play areas meant for kids.

I won’t get discouraged, I’ll keep looking for great opportunities for us in our new home. If anyone had any leads or suggestions, I would love to hear them!! This mama needs some play date to visit with other mamas and keep her sanity (or what’s left).


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