The days are long…

I know the years are short, and that makes me sad…BUT oh boy, oh boy. I have the sassiest almost 4 year old and a 15 month old who wants to do everything his big brother does. L is a rule follower and definitely the type A first child (hello, I get it!) and everything needs a certain order; this is difficult to explain that his little brother has to learn and explore certain things on his own. This is a huge learning experience for me and makes me reflect back to my childhood. (E, T, D sorry for the early years!)

I’m going to make a point to have more one on one time with each boy. This move has been difficult on all of us in different ways.

But right now, I’m getting a pedicure in an empty nail salon…wish I brought some wine! (I needed to sneak out for my own sanity tonight.) Even The Queen of the Brotherhood sometimes needs a little time for self care.

(Full disclosure, the picture makes the craft look like fun…in reality it ended in tears.)


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