Happy Easter

Wishing you and your families a wonderful day! Do you have any traditions?

As long as I have known my husband we have done a Polish Breakfast. As a child, my family had traditions. So we have taken a mix from both families to give to our boys, and hopefully they will pass on our holiday traditions to their future families.

I picked out the most adorable outfits for the boys today! My husband looked great and I decided on a cute spring dress….we woke up to 12 degree weather here in the Twin Cities, and there is still snow on the ground. I wore Uggs with a cute spring dress! Ha! I was told many times today, “Welcome to Minnesota!”.

We had a delicious breakfast, had an egg hunt, and found our baskets the Bunny left! We went to church with the family and we are now prepping for our delicious Easter Dinner! I’m looking forward to our cheese and meat plate (all from The Saint Paul Cheese Shop!) (Hi Sam! You and your shop are the best!)

If I have some time to sneak away I get to fold some laundry and clean some toilets! Looking forward to my hour with Daryl and Negan tonight!



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