WTH Spring?

I’m over here ready for flowers, tball, Parks, and Summer Water (Rosé). We are currently getting hit with up to 10 inches of snow today! We made it to swim lessons this morning but the snow keeps falling and the roads aren’t plowed. Looks like after nap we will be building a Snowman rather than heading to a park. This Mama was not prepared for Minnesota Winter. I just bought L new snow pants and a neck warmer… I probably should start buying gear for next Winter now. My husband takes public transportation to work every day, (he loves it…) but with negative degree temperatures in the Winter he’s going to need some intense gear for his short walk to the bus/metro.

I know there is crazy weather across the country right now. The North East is getting snow and Columbus has a tornado watch for this afternoon/evening.

Hoping for a beautiful Spring and Summer for us all!


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