Update on the Weekend!

Wow! How is it Sunday morning already?

I landed in Philly and the fun started immediately. We quickly got ready for the night and enjoyed some of the best espresso martinis I’ve ever had! (Thanks Karch!) We visited with some friends and made our way to South Philly for the benefit. We were there to support Jefferson Hospital cancer patients and their families. It was a lovely event and we were surrounded by amazing nurses and doctors and cancer survivors. After the event, we went out for another drink (the uber driver to the bar had on news radio…) and then headed back to Fran and Karch’s beautiful home.

We started Saturday off by heading to brunch and then my dad picked me up and we headed to the Poconos.

I was so happy to visit with my siblings and friends! We hung out and played some jackbox.tv games (by the you don’t know jack people).

Then Saturday night was time to celebrate my mom! The party was wonderful!

I sit here now with coffee and two dogs. Planning out the day my mom and I will have! Sounds like we will shop and nap! Haha!

Missing my boys tremendously but grateful for the time I’m getting to spend here too.

Time to down some coffee and snuggle with puppies. I’ll be back with more updates on the weekend soon!


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