Finding Mom Friends

It’s legit like dating. I have read so many articles that pop up on facebook about finding Mom friends or even friends in general once you are in a new place. (It’s much harder the older we get.)

I’d say it was a good week for me in the “Mom dating world”. Earlier this week I was invited to a Mom’s Night with other moms from L’s school which was so nice! I was able to meet new moms and get a feel for the area! And even with the weather being so much nicer I’m meeting moms and families during drop off and pick up!

I also was able to check out a new park with H, thanks to an invite from Brittany! (Hi!!) We have been chatting over Insta and knew we both lived in the same area and it would be fun to meet up with the kiddos! Even though I was only able to visit a little bit before having to run, I had a wonderful time meeting another kick ass mom and I look forward to many more park days!

I also have my girls back in Columbus! We speak regularly through text, calls, or FaceTime. Thank God for the awesome technology we have today!

I’m so thankful for all of my friends, with kids or without! It doesn’t matter! I have a wonderful support system and people I know who will be by my side all the time as I am for them.


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