Sick Children

It’s never easy seeing your kiddos sick. They are uncomfortable and miserable and as a parent there is only so much you can do.

Last week L had a cold…but when he gets like this is tonsils enlarged and cause such coughing fits even though now he isn’t even sick. Poor kid is active and so energetic but the coughing fits due to his enlarged tonsils are not fair. Thankfully, he will be seeing an ENT here next week to discuss next steps. He’s already had 2 sets of tubes, his adenoids removed, and something cauterized in his nose. I just hate to think of him having to go under again, but this may be for the best. I remember having my tonsils removed in 3rd grade. I remember staying over in the hospital. To a little kid, it can be traumatic!

Now, I assumed H picked up L’s cold…but it was lasting longer than L’s and he had different symptoms…for example: croup cough and a fever. Normal ear tugging from the kid who’s been teething for what seems like forever! Something just didn’t seem right so I was able to get in to see a doctor yesterday. I had a feeling they would say. “Oh yes, just a cold.”, but instead I was told he had a very bad double ear infection and….pneumonia. Thankfully, I took him to the doctors and we started medicine right away to help clear him up. If he doesn’t get better in a few days I have to take him back and assess the situation. This morning he did drink water which is more than he did yesterday, and dehydration is such a fear!

Hopefully all will settle here and everyone can be healthy to enjoy the Spring days ahead! Say some prayers or send some love our way! This mama needs it! And some champagne 😘.

Anyone have tips on how to hold it all together when the kiddos are sick or under the weather? How does cleaning or grocery shopping get done??


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