Second Children

I swear… I thought I was the best parent with L. I totally thought I knew what I was doing! “He’s a piece of cake, I’m great at this whole parenting thing!” “Let’s have another!”

Well…I’ve heard stories and now I’m experiencing it myself. Second children are no joke!

My boys couldn’t be more different. L follows directions (as well as any other 4 year old) and works on making good choices and is super helpful.

H on the other hand is so incredibly daring and has no fear. He also gets into so much more than L ever did, and I don’t know if that’s me parenting two children and my focus has to be more than one place at a time.

He’s escaping his crib…

He’s breaking things (not on purpose, he was actually trying to put this away, but it was my MILs)…this was the third thing in the past two weeks.

He’s more independent than I think I’m ready for him to be; truly I think it’s because he wants to be like his big brother. I want to slow this time down.

I love my boys so much but there are days like today where I’m BEAT and ready for bed before they are.

As crazy as my life can get I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now, let’s hope both kids sleep through the night and sleep at least until 6 am.

☝🏼 my non-napper today. 😴


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