Before we left Ohio, L had his adenoids removed and his second set of tubes put in. After that procedure, his ENT said well, his tonsils are enlarged so they should be removed next. I was so annoyed so to why he didn’t take care of them then…we all knew they were enlarged before this day.

When we moved to Minnesota, I knew we had to find an ENT fast so we could have another evaluation and see if we could have his tonsils removed since they were always enlarged. He would complain of his throat feeling like there was a hotdog stuck.

When we met with the ENT here she agreed that his tonsils should be removed. We scheduled the appointment and L just had his surgery on June 21.

So we are two days post surgery and he feels good today but I hear that days 3-7 are the worst for pain and discomfort.

We are stocked up on ice cream and popsicles! What are some soft foods you would recommend? We have a lot but always looking for new ideas!


Tamarack Nature Center

This was one of our first adventures of the summer! We drove about 25 minutes north of Saint Paul to the Tamarack Nature Center.

We parked and checked out the map near the front of the Nature Center Building.

From there we walked a short path to Discovery Hollow! This was awesome!! It’s a natural play area where they can move logs to build or jump off of rocks. There is even a small creek with sand the children can play in. There are sticks they can use to even build a dam and play with the flow of the water. I was not quite prepared for how wet the boys would get! I’ll remember for next time!

Just off of the Discovery Hollow there is a lovely garden. We were the only ones in the garden at the time and we were asked to help pick flowers to dry to aide in the process of making camomile tea! Both boys loved this!!

As we were finishing up in the garden a few bus loads of kids came so we decided it was time to explore the paths! We walked the Turtle Pass Trail and the Acorn Loop! Both trails had a lot to look at and the boys loved listening for different creatures!

We ended our morning by stopping in the center and looked at the various turtles and frogs they had!

I did pick up a map and Discover Guide to share! They have some fun, FREE activities throughout the Spring and Summer!

Overall, we had a great time and can’t wait to go back!! I just will be better prepared with toys and swim gear if we plan to stay and get super wet in the Discovery Hollow!


This photo and short story pretty much sum up the past few days! Summer break has started!

These two… the best example…they are like sour patch kids! (Thanks Megan for perfect reference!!) They BOTH can be so sour and then two seconds later so incredibly sweet.

With summer break comes some traveling! Next week we will head to the Poconos and I’m so excited! I can’t believe that they haven’t been to PA since October and H was super sick then.

When we get back L will have his tonsils removed and I’m of course a nervous wreck. I had mine out in third grade and don’t remember much! I’m hoping for a smooth procedure and recovery. He’s excited to eat ice cream all the time since that’s what the doctor prescribed!! My girlfriends sent me delicious and healthy popsicle ideas too!!

I’m going to create a basket of fun for L to do since recovery could take 2 weeks, and that includes no swimming for 2 weeks!!

Here’s hoping I make it through today!! I have coffee waiting for me in the microwave once we get home!