This photo and short story pretty much sum up the past few days! Summer break has started!

These two… the best example…they are like sour patch kids! (Thanks Megan for perfect reference!!) They BOTH can be so sour and then two seconds later so incredibly sweet.

With summer break comes some traveling! Next week we will head to the Poconos and I’m so excited! I can’t believe that they haven’t been to PA since October and H was super sick then.

When we get back L will have his tonsils removed and I’m of course a nervous wreck. I had mine out in third grade and don’t remember much! I’m hoping for a smooth procedure and recovery. He’s excited to eat ice cream all the time since that’s what the doctor prescribed!! My girlfriends sent me delicious and healthy popsicle ideas too!!

I’m going to create a basket of fun for L to do since recovery could take 2 weeks, and that includes no swimming for 2 weeks!!

Here’s hoping I make it through today!! I have coffee waiting for me in the microwave once we get home!


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