Tamarack Nature Center

This was one of our first adventures of the summer! We drove about 25 minutes north of Saint Paul to the Tamarack Nature Center.

We parked and checked out the map near the front of the Nature Center Building.

From there we walked a short path to Discovery Hollow! This was awesome!! It’s a natural play area where they can move logs to build or jump off of rocks. There is even a small creek with sand the children can play in. There are sticks they can use to even build a dam and play with the flow of the water. I was not quite prepared for how wet the boys would get! I’ll remember for next time!

Just off of the Discovery Hollow there is a lovely garden. We were the only ones in the garden at the time and we were asked to help pick flowers to dry to aide in the process of making camomile tea! Both boys loved this!!

As we were finishing up in the garden a few bus loads of kids came so we decided it was time to explore the paths! We walked the Turtle Pass Trail and the Acorn Loop! Both trails had a lot to look at and the boys loved listening for different creatures!

We ended our morning by stopping in the center and looked at the various turtles and frogs they had!

I did pick up a map and Discover Guide to share! They have some fun, FREE activities throughout the Spring and Summer!

Overall, we had a great time and can’t wait to go back!! I just will be better prepared with toys and swim gear if we plan to stay and get super wet in the Discovery Hollow!



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