Before we left Ohio, L had his adenoids removed and his second set of tubes put in. After that procedure, his ENT said well, his tonsils are enlarged so they should be removed next. I was so annoyed so to why he didn’t take care of them then…we all knew they were enlarged before this day.

When we moved to Minnesota, I knew we had to find an ENT fast so we could have another evaluation and see if we could have his tonsils removed since they were always enlarged. He would complain of his throat feeling like there was a hotdog stuck.

When we met with the ENT here she agreed that his tonsils should be removed. We scheduled the appointment and L just had his surgery on June 21.

So we are two days post surgery and he feels good today but I hear that days 3-7 are the worst for pain and discomfort.

We are stocked up on ice cream and popsicles! What are some soft foods you would recommend? We have a lot but always looking for new ideas!


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