Sorry About The Small Hiatus

Hey there! It’s me! I know I haven’t blogged a while (it seems like forever), but life has been crazy! Big things coming! Stay tuned as I know I’ll need lots of ideas and input!

Minnesota has been treating us well! We have made some awesome friends and have done some fun things! There is still so much exploring to do and we are excited about it!

I’ve been going to the gym a lot, 4-5 days a week but I sometimes get that “MOM GUILT” in thinking I’m taking away time from the boys and doing fun activities with them, but an hour during the week is ok for me to workout, right?!?! Ooo, I’ve been trying out the Pilates Reformer too and I think I’m in LOVE! I have one more private reformer session lined up but I might just have to add some more before I’m ready to dive right in to a class.

I am also looking for activities to do for the school year. L will be in school each day, but half days. H and I will be looking for toddler friendly activities during that time for sure! (PLEASE tell me they have rock climbing or skydiving for an 19 month old…because I feel these are things he craves.) As for L, he wants to play soccer for sure in the Fall! He also really seems interested into Hockey, but that’s a world I know nothing about and it scares me!

Well, both kiddos are awake and my coffee is lukewarm! Time to get this day started!

Love to you all! Thanks for reading and always coming back!