10 Family Fun Things to do this Fall

With September right around the corner, and the chilly Fall air in the mornings, I decided to come up with a list of things I want to do this fall…hoping we can accomplish the 10 on this list!

This list is what I want to do in Minnesota but most of the things can be done anywhere!

1. Go Apple Picking

2. Head to a Pumpkin Patch

3. Take a drive up North to see the leaves change (I always loved the Fall Colors growing up in Northeastern Pennsylvania)

4. Attend a professional sporting event (L has been begging to go to any game, we haven’t made it to a baseball game yet with our hectic summer)

5. Explore a few of the cute little towns we haven’t been to yet (an example in our case: Stillwater, MN and Hudson, WI)

6. Head to a farm

7. Make it to a Pizza Farm before it’s too cold

8. Attend fun fall festivals and check out a local celebration for Oktoberfest

9. Take the boys to a Children’s Theater for a fun show

10. Prepare for our first Minnesota winter! Get shopping!

Bonus: I would really love to take the boys camping. I know it’s a huge undertaking but it could be fun right?!


Family Photos

We have been having family photos taken starting with our maternity photos when I was pregnant with L.

We have been looking for a photographer since we moved to Minnesota but life got busy and I haven’t had the time. When my SIL and her family were visiting, she and my MIL set up a photo shoot for the family that was here and we had a lovely afternoon.

Now let’s be real, you NEVER know how the photos will turn out when children are involved. H was being so silly and running and crawling away. L got to the point where we was done and just wanted to go look at Lake Minnetonka and watch the boats. At one point L became sad and was pouty, I told him to smile and here was the result…

Big thanks to my sister for the zoomed in photos! This kid is cracking us up!!! Every time I see this photo I can’t help but laugh! When I showed him the photo he also just giggles!

Now our photographer was amazing and really did get some amazing shots of everyone (I’ll share some more once I have time to decide on favorites!) and we will totally use her again. She was great with the children and even let L take a few photos with her camera! He’s a little photographer in the making.

I hope this photo brought a smile or a giggle to you. And if you should have a rough day, come back and take a look again!

My Little Superheroes

The box of superhero capes, masks, and gear in this house is almost unbelievable.

We have a 4 year old who is obsessed with superheroes, and he especially has a love for Batman, so much so that H was saying “Batman” pretty early on (possibly even before he started saying please).

I have learned a lot about superheroes over the last two-ish years, more than I ever thought I would know!

What I really hope these two get out of pretending to be superheroes is that all of the best heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. I also want them to know that they are not invincible but being a “super” hero they need to be brave and stand up for what is right and do what is needed.

These two will always be my superheroes.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I think going to the Minnesota State Fair makes it official. We are Minnesotans now!

Many people told us to take public transportation to the fair but we figured with the weather being rainy and two kids, it was best for us to drive if we needed to leave quickly.

Parking was interesting, but so worth it. We parked in a lot and went in the side entrance near the Birthing Building.

What a great first place to stop! We saw so many baby animals who were just born! Like hours new to this world! We were in the building for a birth of a sheep and the boys got to pet a calf who was only hours old.

We then bee-lined right to the Milk building! $2 for all you can drink milk. The boys chose chocolate milk, and honestly it was delicious!! We then grabbed some Fresh Fries and continued our exploration! The boys were still hungry since it was around dinner time so we also grabbed a corn dog for them to share.

After a little fair food we made our way to “Kidway” so the boys could take part in some of the fair rides! Fair rides make me nervous, especially with what happened in Columbus last year. We decided they could try a few rides that seemed safe! L and H had an amazing time trying out some of the rides. Here are a few they loved!

We then walked around and checked out some of the exhibits and buildings.

THEN…we found SWEET MARTHA’S COOKIES! We heard about these cookies and we were so excited to try them! Here is H…cookie drunk I think. Needless to say, the cookies were amazing and fresh!!

We couldn’t call if a day without wine slushees! The are my favorite and I will go back every year for these.

Unfortunately due to sleepy children and the weather we didn’t make it to all of the places we wanted to explore. We missed out on shopping the Northmade Co. collection and missed out on getting some JonnyPops at the fair.

The fair was fun, and honestly, watching the boys (including my husband) have so much fun made it that much better for me. We already are looking forward to next year and hopefully we can make it to see some shows too!

Wood Lake Nature Preserve

Today’s adventure took us to Richfield, MN to explore Wood Lake Nature Center and Preserve!

I always get a little nervous venturing out on my own to new places with the kiddos but they are great adventure companions! L is obsessed with maps and makes sure we are on the right track! (not sure why his arm looks super strange here?!)

We saw lots of wildlife today. We saw turtles, fish, ducks, squirrels, and butterflies just to name a few. We also encountered the entrails of some animal that was dropped by a large bird flying overhead.

The most magical thing today was when L exclaimed, “It’s like we are in a whole different world out here”, and he’s right! It’s crazy to think we are so close to two major cities but when we started our hike we were transported into this tranquil area!

We did try to find the natural play area but we were unsuccessful this trip. Next time!

We stopped in the Nature Center before we left (of course to use the restroom because we have to check them out anywhere we go 😂) and we saw some fun critters (fun for the boys, creepy for me). I grabbed a map before we left, should have grabbed it first, I know! And we found out that this nature center has lots of fun events and camps for all ages! They even rent snow shoes! We will definitely come back and explore some more!

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens

Today we traveled to the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens, which are located in Orono, MN on Lake Minnetonka, for family photos.

I believe we only saw a small section of the gardens during the photo shoot but they were gorgeous and filled will bees and butterflies!

We were right on the lake so while other family members had their photos taken the boys had the opportunity to watch the boats! L keep saying he wants to go on a speed boat and a cruise…me too buddy, me too.

We snuck away and took a few photos of our own. Apparently only of our backs…but cute backs though right?These brothers love to be outside and explore! I have a whole bowl sitting next to me of acorns they collected and put in their pockets and well one of them had them in his diaper.

The only thing that really bothered me was that I kept getting a whiff of CILANTRO and those of you who know me know I cannot stand cilantro. (This is an issue and I’ve lost friends over this…right Danielle 😂)

The Noeremberg Gardens are certainly a place I want to go back to and explore some more! Preferably on a non 90 degree day…and next time we will have to stop at Ben & Jerry’s for some ice cream! I did bribe the boys during the photos with JonnyPops though and that seemed to do the trick!

As we were leaving there was a small traffic jam and we realized that people were letting geese cross the street to the lake. This was so nice to see! Thanks Minnesota for being awesome!

Any other places to visit near Minnetonka? Please let me know!!! We are looking forward to exploring Minnesota and all that it has to offer!

We are Happy Homeowners!

It’s official! As of August 3, 2018 we own this cute house! Never in a million years did I see us living IN a city, but we love it. Saint Paul has been so great to us. We have made some amazing friends and can’t wait to have them all over…once we are unpacked…and find our silverware 🙈. The dogs are in heaven with their own backyard (It’s a chore trying to get them to come in!) The boys have been playing so much outside that they have to have multiple baths a day because they get soooo dirty! These 4 above are adjusting nicely to our new house which we are quickly making into our home. 🏡