Noerenberg Memorial Gardens

Today we traveled to the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens, which are located in Orono, MN on Lake Minnetonka, for family photos.

I believe we only saw a small section of the gardens during the photo shoot but they were gorgeous and filled will bees and butterflies!

We were right on the lake so while other family members had their photos taken the boys had the opportunity to watch the boats! L keep saying he wants to go on a speed boat and a cruise…me too buddy, me too.

We snuck away and took a few photos of our own. Apparently only of our backs…but cute backs though right?These brothers love to be outside and explore! I have a whole bowl sitting next to me of acorns they collected and put in their pockets and well one of them had them in his diaper.

The only thing that really bothered me was that I kept getting a whiff of CILANTRO and those of you who know me know I cannot stand cilantro. (This is an issue and I’ve lost friends over this…right Danielle 😂)

The Noeremberg Gardens are certainly a place I want to go back to and explore some more! Preferably on a non 90 degree day…and next time we will have to stop at Ben & Jerry’s for some ice cream! I did bribe the boys during the photos with JonnyPops though and that seemed to do the trick!

As we were leaving there was a small traffic jam and we realized that people were letting geese cross the street to the lake. This was so nice to see! Thanks Minnesota for being awesome!

Any other places to visit near Minnetonka? Please let me know!!! We are looking forward to exploring Minnesota and all that it has to offer!


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