Wood Lake Nature Preserve

Today’s adventure took us to Richfield, MN to explore Wood Lake Nature Center and Preserve!

I always get a little nervous venturing out on my own to new places with the kiddos but they are great adventure companions! L is obsessed with maps and makes sure we are on the right track! (not sure why his arm looks super strange here?!)

We saw lots of wildlife today. We saw turtles, fish, ducks, squirrels, and butterflies just to name a few. We also encountered the entrails of some animal that was dropped by a large bird flying overhead.

The most magical thing today was when L exclaimed, “It’s like we are in a whole different world out here”, and he’s right! It’s crazy to think we are so close to two major cities but when we started our hike we were transported into this tranquil area!

We did try to find the natural play area but we were unsuccessful this trip. Next time!

We stopped in the Nature Center before we left (of course to use the restroom because we have to check them out anywhere we go 😂) and we saw some fun critters (fun for the boys, creepy for me). I grabbed a map before we left, should have grabbed it first, I know! And we found out that this nature center has lots of fun events and camps for all ages! They even rent snow shoes! We will definitely come back and explore some more!


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