The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I think going to the Minnesota State Fair makes it official. We are Minnesotans now!

Many people told us to take public transportation to the fair but we figured with the weather being rainy and two kids, it was best for us to drive if we needed to leave quickly.

Parking was interesting, but so worth it. We parked in a lot and went in the side entrance near the Birthing Building.

What a great first place to stop! We saw so many baby animals who were just born! Like hours new to this world! We were in the building for a birth of a sheep and the boys got to pet a calf who was only hours old.

We then bee-lined right to the Milk building! $2 for all you can drink milk. The boys chose chocolate milk, and honestly it was delicious!! We then grabbed some Fresh Fries and continued our exploration! The boys were still hungry since it was around dinner time so we also grabbed a corn dog for them to share.

After a little fair food we made our way to “Kidway” so the boys could take part in some of the fair rides! Fair rides make me nervous, especially with what happened in Columbus last year. We decided they could try a few rides that seemed safe! L and H had an amazing time trying out some of the rides. Here are a few they loved!

We then walked around and checked out some of the exhibits and buildings.

THEN…we found SWEET MARTHA’S COOKIES! We heard about these cookies and we were so excited to try them! Here is H…cookie drunk I think. Needless to say, the cookies were amazing and fresh!!

We couldn’t call if a day without wine slushees! The are my favorite and I will go back every year for these.

Unfortunately due to sleepy children and the weather we didn’t make it to all of the places we wanted to explore. We missed out on shopping the Northmade Co. collection and missed out on getting some JonnyPops at the fair.

The fair was fun, and honestly, watching the boys (including my husband) have so much fun made it that much better for me. We already are looking forward to next year and hopefully we can make it to see some shows too!


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