Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Happy Labor Day all! We started our morning with bagels and painting and then decided to take a small road trip to a roadside attraction about 45 minutes southwest of the Twin Cities.

We knew it would be slightly crazy with today being a holiday but it was worth checking it out!

There were different candies, treats, and snacks from all over the world. (My husbands favorite were the Japanese Kit Kat bars.

The boys really loved looking at the superheroes that were all around us while we walked the store!

They also had tons of old fashioned sodas and some really funky flavors.

I don’t know if we will make the trip back anytime soon, but we are happy that we went!

If you go, they are opened until the Sunday after Thanksgiving and they open around Memorial Day. They only accept cash or check (there was an ATM on site.)


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