Sometimes it’s all about where you end up.

Another adventure today! The park we wanted to go to ended up being really crowded so we went to another park nearby that was flooded the last time we tried to go explore.

We had all intentions of “hiking” and looking for creatures but we ended up literally in the Mississippi River this time. This was Revvie’s first time in the Mississippi River and I think she had just as much fun as the boys!

I was SOOO unprepared! No towels, no toys, nothing! But it didn’t matter! We went with the flow. (This is huge for me 😂)

We were all sandy and gross but it was a lot of fun exploring a new park. The boys had no intentions of leaving and wanted to swim!

I guess next time we go anywhere I’ll try to be more prepared and have towels packed! Super thankful for my emergency car blanket today that doubled as a towel!

I’m not ready for the summer weather to change into fall but we will welcome fall and the adventures she brings with open arms.

Minnesota, you are a fun place to explore.


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