Apple Picking 2018

I found a few orchards/farms within a 30 minute drive from us. We narrowed it down to two, since we found out that there were some that you can buy their apples, but not pick..and we are all about the picking experience.

We started our trek to Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake, MN. The drive was nice and the area was cute. We went inside the shop to ask about U-pick and they said they don’t do that there. (Not clearly listed on their website) So we bought some cookies, basically to bribe the boys to get back in the car. (#parentingwin? #parentingfail?)

We drove about 20 more minutes to a farm called Aamodt’s Apple Farm, and I think we found a little slice of heaven!

Notice one of the apples walking away.

This farm was awesome and we plan on going back this year…when it’s slightly cooler! We walked toward the barn and my husband had to go to the bathroom..(always) and he wanted me to note here that they were the cleanest port-a-potties he’s ever been in. 😂

Outside of the barn there was corn hole and a bunch of tables for people to sit back and enjoy the drinks, food, and atmosphere…yes DRINKS!

This farm had their own hard cider. They had 3 but ran out of their dry. So we tasted their ginger fizz and semi-sweet. We left with three bottles and they opened one for us to enjoy while we explored the farm and picked apples. There is also a vineyard across the street so they had their wine there too, and even wine slushees (which are my fav!)

They had two size options for apple. The smaller bag was $10 and could hold about 4 lbs of apples and the other was $25 and could hold between 10-12 lbs of apples.

We bought our bag and went into the orchard. The apples smelled so good. The boys were so excited! It was so nice to see them working together to get the apples, and L making sure H didn’t eat the fallen ones. We ate some apples, while we (the adults) drank some apples, and were so merry.

It may have been over 90 degrees out, but I’ll never forget this experience. Seeing L and H partaking in this fun activity together, laughing, exploring, just having an amazing time, made my heart so full.


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