Minnesota Children’s Museum Night

Mini Postal Workers
The car wash might be the boys favorite exhibit! They can get all soapy and wet!

This week we got to explore the Children’s Museum after hours! We have been many times but there something about Matt being able to come after work even more fun!

We two hours to play and explore and that time flew by! I know we could spend an entire day here! It’s such a fun space for children and adult. There is even a sign that said “Attention: For Children and for those who use to be Children”.

For kids of all ages!

We are so lucky to live in a big city where there are so many opportunities for us to take our children so they can grow and learn as individuals, with each other, and with other children.

My only complaint…the parking garages 😂 Other than that, this place is a membership worthy spot, especially with the cold winter months coming up!


Mom! Look I’m helping!

Those four words above are enough to make any parent stop in their tracks.

Thankfully the helping was contained to a small area. The boys decided to give Remy a bath for me…yes he needed one, no I wasn’t quite ready to give him one. Remy happily jumped in the tub for them and poor Zoey ran for the hills (she hates bath time).

There was giggling and singing from the boys and a very happy and soapy dog. I stepped back to take these photos and I could help but be very proud. They wanted to help. They were working together and “washed” the dog and didn’t get themselves super soaking wet! I guess this means my babies are growing up. I wish we could slow down time.

What are some things that your child(ren) help(s) with? When the silence comes do you worry about what the kids are doing?

Well, now Remy is super clean for his 3rd Birthday! We adopted Remy in January of 2016 after our second miscarriage. I needed him, he may drive me CRAZY but he’s a great dog.

Ok so now I need to go scrub dirty dog paws off of everything in the bathroom! Pet Resolve, call me.

Our Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Yesterday we decided to head back to Pine Tree Apple Orchard to explore the pumpkin patch and corn maze. If you remember when we went apple picking, this was our first stop and then we realized they didn’t have U-pick Apples.

The adventure started off great. We explored the corn maze first. I do wish that they had some sort of activity to do while going through the corn maze. It was so windy and chilly while we were in the maze but it made it that much more fun.

If any of you reading this saw my Instagram story the other day, I posted that four years old is a much more difficult year than the terrible twos or the threenager ages. I’m going to be real with you, once we got to the pumpkin patch, something didn’t go L’s way and he had a meltdown. I don’t really know why but we did take him to the car to settle down. The looks from the teenagers staring while Matt carried him down the hill made me chuckle a little…we were totally their birth control for the night.

After L cooled down and we discussed his choices he understood the few mintues prior to our conversation. We then went to the Farm Store (which really is the best part, right?!) and grabbed some goodies..probably too many goodies, but so delicious.

We then sat by the lake and enjoyed a treat and played for a little bit. Overall we had a nice time other than our little hiccup. We might have to go back to the farm for strawberry picking in the summer, but I do think there will be other pumpkin patches we try next year.

Tonight we will carve the pumpkins and roast some seeds! Photos to follow 🙂

How to help a loved one going through a miscarriage.

I think this is appropriate to share again today. Today is Miscarriage, Still Birth, and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. You or someone you know may be experiencing loss. Someone might not be ready to talk about their loss, others may be looking for someone to talk to. Let’s break the stigma. Let’s “replace silence with storytelling” (@ihadamiscarriage) Always remember, they are yours and you are theirs. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about our two Angel Babies, Harper and Ava. I am so thankful for the love and support of our family and friends over the last three years, but I am still grieving and I probably always will be…having the conversations though, that is helping me heal.

I heard many things from many people after experiencing my miscarriages. “At least you know you can get pregnant.” “You already have one.” “You can try again.” “Maybe there is something wrong with you.” “God has a plan.” “Everything happens for a reason.” All of these things were said to be helpful. I truly appreciated all of the love and support and I know the people who said these things were trying to help.

I also found that many people were more sympathetic rather than empathetic. A friend who also experienced a miscarriage and I had a deep discussion about this and she sent me this video. Empathy vs Sympathy

From my own experience, I have found that just lending an ear was helpful. I had friends that told me how I was feeling was ok. I was angry and sad. I was confused. But I felt so much love and compassion from those around me.

Allow your friend or family member to grieve. They lost their baby. Bring them food and just be with them. Be their shoulder. Give them hugs.

Matt and I knew we wanted to do something special for our babies. We wanted to plant a tree for each baby but we were renting a townhouse at the time of both we decided to donate to a local conservatory and our babies names (yes we named our babies) are on The Tree of Life and they will be there forever. We have pictures with the tree as well as our friends who came with us for the dedications and who have gone back to visit our babies. We also adopted Remy after the second miscarriage. I needed a distraction. He needed a family.

Every person will grieve in their own way; and that is ok. The mother will not be the only one grieving. The partner, the grandparents, as well as others who are apart of that babies life will also be grieving. Just be there for them. They just lost a baby.

Parenting Styles/Trends: How do you feel about them?

img_3921I sat in a class recently and we discussed the “new” parenting trends. We broke into groups and really dug into a few of them. Some of the ones discussed were: Lawn Mower Parenting, Helicopter Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Tiger Parenting, and Free Range Parenting.

I sat there and just wondered…why do we have to label how we parent? Are we just opening ourselves up to be judged and shamed? While researching some of these parenting styles, I learned that one came from someones memoir, not anything that was meant to be a parenting book.

I know as a mother today, dads too I am sure, I always hear about mom shaming and I know none of us want to be judged or shamed, but we are. For example, Free Range parenting can land you in trouble with the law in many areas.

So back to my title: How do you feel about them? What do these trends say about us? Do we need to label ourselves? Do we have to fit ourselves in one little box? As I looked over the list, honestly I could see myself grabbing at pieces from each “trend”. I don’t fit into a box. Truly, once I hit 30 I stopped caring about what people thought about me…as long as my family is happy and we are doing the best we can, I’m good.

What do you want your parenting to say about you? How do you want to feel at the end of the day? Do you want to parent just like your parent(s) did or do you want to go the opposite direction? My parents always told us that they raised all 4 of us the same way and we are all so different. Each child is going to be their own person, different from you, your partner, or anyone else for that matter. You might have to change up your parenting regularly…and that’s ok! As long as you are taking care of you family the best that you can, that’s all that really matters isn’t it?

I took a few moments to think about how I want to describe my parenting:

  • supportive and involved but not overbearing
  • an advocate but not super aggressive
  • patient but not lackadaisical
  • respectful but not a pushover

I am NOT saying I am all of these things all of the time but I work towards those. My parenting has changed since the beginning but I am evolving as a person as are my children.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, just be a real one. If you need help, ask for help. Find your tribe, and if you need help I am always here. Let’s work together and not put labels on ourselves. Let’s just love our children and raise them to be good human beings.

How is it Monday night?!

There some days that really just seem to get away from me. We had a nice weekend, it wasn’t overly filled and hectic. I’m still weeding through lots of boxes and things that are either in the attic or downstairs.

This past weekend we made sure to take a break, all four of us, and go to a park together. This is something that we haven’t done all together in a while.

It was nice to sit back and watch the three of them play together and hear the giggles while the boys ran up head.

The bond that they are forming is so special. They 100% argue and fight but they have these super sweet moments too…whether it’s sharing and playing with legos together or singing songs.

The other day I put them both in the bedroom together because the arguing (yes even at 1.5 and 4) wasn’t stopping. Within a few moments they were laughing and playing together.

I cherish their relationship and will do whatever I can to nurture their bond as brother and buddies.

The Whale has Arrived!

I always love when UPS arrives! I hear the squeaky brakes, the dogs go crazy (ok, I don’t like that part)…today we were awaiting the super cute whale potty from Wildkin!

I went to the door and H exclaimed, “PIZZA”. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t pizza but our potty! He helped me open the box and he was so excited!

Clearly we need to work on how to sit on the potty!

Potty Training 😱

With H just about 2 he’s starting to show signs he’s getting ready to learn how to use the Big Boy Potty. (I swore I’d never use the word “potty” and I catch myself using it in convos now.)

He’s hiding now, so we know he’s becoming aware of what’s going on when he needs to go.

He wants a front row seat when anyone heads into the bathroom which is super fun.

Honestly, I forget all about potty training! I don’t remember how we started with L. I need tips and tricks!

Thankfully we have a super cute potty on the way thanks to Wildkin!

Send Lysol, Clorox, and wine!

A D.C. Recap!

What a whirlwind of a few days! I missed the boys terribly but really was so thankful for the time away to reset and refresh.

I arrived Wednesday and once Matt was done with his conference for the day we made our way to OZ, in Arlington, VA. We had a delicious meal, a good start to the time away!

Thursday is was super gross and rainy, so my morning was pretty lazy. Matt scheduled a massage for me in Georgetown so I headed that way. I had the strangest Uber driver, Rohan, he gave me his number before I got out of the car… yea I wasn’t going to call him to show me around.

I explored Georgetown a little after my massage and after that Matt and I went to visit a friend from high school! It was so nice to visit and catch up! We ended Thursday night with pizza and pjs in bed. The perfect ending to a long day!

Friday, Matt got up and went to the last day of his conference. As soon as he was done we hopped on the metro and went to The Smithsonian Castle and the Museum of Natural History. We kept saying how much our boys would love the museum when they are a little older! We sent pictures of the dinosaurs and butterflies and anything we knew they would love to see!

After that, we walked the National Mall and ended up at the White House. Then we got back on the metro and rested once we were back at our hotel!

We finally decided on where to go to dinner around 8 pm (seriously past my bedtime!). We went to the Red Hen and we waited about an hour and a half to be seated…but it was worth it! We had a wonderful meal and drinks! We crashed as soon as our heads hit our pillows that night!

Saturday morning we woke up and couldn’t wait for Fran and Karch to come and hang out for the day!

We watched the Temple game at Buffalo Wild Wings and then decided to go check out the National Portrait Gallery, all I can say is WOW! This was an amazing museum. The photos, the paintings, the art. Just incredible. We probably could have spend all day there.

After we freshened up we went to Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers for dinner. Thank you Allison for the recommendation! We had all intentions of going out after dinner but we were so full we were rolled out of the restaurant. Everything we had was delicious!

Sunday, we went to brunch at a small place in Alexandria, VA, The Evening Star Cafe…this was the perfect way to start our day! Fran and Karch dropped us off at the hotel and they headed back to Philly.

We are so lucky to have friends who are really our family in our lives!

Matt and I had almost the whole day to spend in D.C. before heading to the airport. We rested and packed up and then went to The Holocaust Memorial Museum. I was there one other time when I was in High School, but something about going as an adult had a whole different impact on me.

We then made our way to the airport, we found out our flight was delayed and we had lots of time to just be still. I lucked out with a Main Cabin Extra seat on American. (More leg room and free alcohol!) Matt was supposed to be way in the back, but I worked some magic and he was able to sit next to me! I worked some magic a bit this week, the seat for Matt, late checkout for us, and our room upgrade to the suite! I call that a win!

Overall, we had a nice time and were able to spend one on one time together which rarely happens. We know it won’t happen anytime soon, but we look forward to the next time we are able to spend some time together to reconnect as a couple, and be Katie and Matt. ♥️

Back to Reality

It’s so good to be back home with the boys and dogs! It’s so good to sleep in our own bed. But it was back to reality bright and early, the boys were ready to play at 6 am!

I think the time away was great for us all, the only thing I’ll have to remember for next time is to rest and relax a little more!

I will write a post later today about the fun adventures in DC!