How is it Monday night?!

There some days that really just seem to get away from me. We had a nice weekend, it wasn’t overly filled and hectic. I’m still weeding through lots of boxes and things that are either in the attic or downstairs.

This past weekend we made sure to take a break, all four of us, and go to a park together. This is something that we haven’t done all together in a while.

It was nice to sit back and watch the three of them play together and hear the giggles while the boys ran up head.

The bond that they are forming is so special. They 100% argue and fight but they have these super sweet moments too…whether it’s sharing and playing with legos together or singing songs.

The other day I put them both in the bedroom together because the arguing (yes even at 1.5 and 4) wasn’t stopping. Within a few moments they were laughing and playing together.

I cherish their relationship and will do whatever I can to nurture their bond as brother and buddies.


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