Mom! Look I’m helping!

Those four words above are enough to make any parent stop in their tracks.

Thankfully the helping was contained to a small area. The boys decided to give Remy a bath for me…yes he needed one, no I wasn’t quite ready to give him one. Remy happily jumped in the tub for them and poor Zoey ran for the hills (she hates bath time).

There was giggling and singing from the boys and a very happy and soapy dog. I stepped back to take these photos and I could help but be very proud. They wanted to help. They were working together and “washed” the dog and didn’t get themselves super soaking wet! I guess this means my babies are growing up. I wish we could slow down time.

What are some things that your child(ren) help(s) with? When the silence comes do you worry about what the kids are doing?

Well, now Remy is super clean for his 3rd Birthday! We adopted Remy in January of 2016 after our second miscarriage. I needed him, he may drive me CRAZY but he’s a great dog.

Ok so now I need to go scrub dirty dog paws off of everything in the bathroom! Pet Resolve, call me.


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