Oh My Baby ehh I mean Toddler

Well H turned 2 at the end of the new year and he automatically became a full fledged 2 year old. He absolutely hated having “Happy Birthday” sung to him and he does not like having his picture taken anymore.

He is still so sweet and loving but he is giving me a run for my money. The best way to describe him would be that he is a Sour Patch Kid.

He is constantly learning and growing and while doing that he is figuring out brand new ways to do things!

H is in a big kid bed now since he’s been climbing out of his crib since he was a year old. L moved to a big kid bed around 2.5 years old. L never got out of his bed and always called to us if he needed us. H however would get out of bed and bang on his door! That lasted a few weeks until last week when he figured out how to open his bedroom door and really all of the other doors too!

One night he ran into our room and yelled, “BOO”…that was fun! I can’t hide out in the bathroom any longer either (we need to get a new lock for that door).

We remind him all the time to be safe!

Matt and I were talking the other day about how H will be the kid we are called to the school for because he did something like bring a frog to school because he found it on the way there and he needed a friend. Totally harmless but not really what he should be doing.

I have been blessed with two very loving children and I couldn’t be happier. H is really lucky to have L as his brother because I think even if they get into something together, they will also figure it out together.


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