Luminous You: First Appointment

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for…I had my first appointment with Valery at Luminous You!

Before my appointment

Before My Appointment

I had done my homework on BBL (Broadband Light) treatment and knew that it’s been very helpful for people with acne, dark spots, redness, lines, etc… If you recall my last post about Luminous You I discussed a skincare goal for this year and wanting to look my best at my age. I want to be able to go out without having the need for makeup. I think even just after today I’m off to a good start.

During My Appointment

When I arrived, Valery greeted me and brought me into one of the rooms. She explained to me that she was going to use numbing cream (sounds scary, I know!) and let me sit for about 20 minutes. The numbing cream was so gentle on my skin. My face basically ended up feeling like what your mouth would feel like if you had lidocaine at the dentist. Honestly, those 20 minutes were the most relaxing minutes of my day!

Once I was numb, we went into the other room which had the BBL machine. Valery reassured me that she would let me know what she is doing before hand and she would make sure that I felt comfortable with what was going on.

Numb and ready!

Valery gave me proper eye protection and she went to work. The light is very bright and the best analogy I can give you is that it felt like rubber bands snapping on my face, and that is with being numbed! Valery made sure that I wasn’t in too much pain and explained what was going on throughout my session.

Valery used three different settings on my face: one for dark sports, one for redness, and one for tightening. After a few passes of the light over my face and a few different techniques Valery wiped away the gels and applied a moisturizer. I was informed that I will be red for a little while but that will subside within a few hours. She also advised against exercise for 24 hours.

Immediately after my appointment

After My Appointment

This experience has made me realize how many times I touch my face in a day, since I’ve been doing my best to not touch!!

I really appreciate that Valery takes the time to make me feel comfortable and discuss with me and educate me along the way. There is such a sense of comfort and care when in her chair. I go back to Luminous You in two weeks for my next appointment! I’ll make sure to leave little updates on how my skin is between now and then! I have to say, it’s been about 4 hours since my appointment and my skin already looks better and feels tighter!

As a reminder: always wear sunscreen, and make sure it contains zinc oxide! Valery truly wants to help her clients achieve the best version of themselves, she’s not just going to fill you up with things you don’t need and send you on your way. She can help you look your best for your age!

Here’s to a year of improving my skin and hopefully helping you keep yours glowing or improve yours too! Don’t forget to call or email Valery to set up your free consultation!

One hour after my appointment

*This post is sponsored but the opinions and views in this post are completely mine and 100% honest.


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