Luminous You: Skin Checkup!

If you remember my last Luminous You post, you will recall that I was giving some new (new to me) products a try!

I’ve been using most of these for about two weeks now and I am seeing a difference in my skin! I switched out my Benzoyl Peroxide face wash for the Obagi Gentle Cleanser, since doing this, I’ve actually noticed less breakouts and my skin isn’t dry and flaky anymore, it’s smooth!

I’m sure it’s helpful too since I’ve been using the HYLA, which is a hyaluronic acid, and this is supposed to help reduce the look of fine lines and give added moisture to your skin! The C-ESTA Face Serum is supposed to also help reduce line visibility and reduce uneven skin tones as well as help reduce redness. I also feel like the C-ESTA keeps my face from getting super shiny! The toner, which helps balance the PH levels of your skin, I use right after cleaning my face and it makes me feel extra clean and not dry at all!

I’ve been using sunscreen daily on my face and this is something I’ve been doing for years. I know this is working for me because during my BBL treatments I had very minimal sun damage. I was super proud of that! I want to make sure I’m protecting my skin always. (Remember to use sunscreen with a zinc oxide!)

When I met with Valery she was happy with the overall feel and look of my skin with my new skin care regime.

She showed me the before photos and the photos from six weeks after my first treatment and seeing the difference in my redness was incredible! The vessels are barely visible anymore. I only have a little bit of redness now, which is more noticeable when I get out of the shower or when I’m walking in the brisk MN weather!

Valery recommended that the BBL treatments are continued every three months for maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding any treatments that Luminous You offers, feel free to reach out to Valery.

*This post is sponsored but the opinions and views in this post are completely mine and 100% honest.


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