International Women’s Day

I’m grateful for all of the amazing women in my life. We are…


What’s for Dinner?!

Hey Friends! Welcome to the first full week of March! Anyone else getting a King Cake for Fat Tuesday?


Sunday: Dad Does Dinner

Monday: Quick Beef Chili (served with either a Baked Potato or Noodles and a salad)Recipe

Tuesday: Potato Leek Soup with homemade bread Recipe

Wednesday: Quiche with Arugula Salad- I will probably make a zucchini and cheese or broccoli and cheese quiche and I follow a recipe called “Impossible Quiche” which I think is from Bisquick.

Thursday: Spaghetti with my mom’s homemade sauce recipe served with garlic bread and salad

Friday: Pizza or Fish Fry (we haven’t decided yet!)

Saturday: Freezer Cleanout/Leftovers


Luminous You: Second Appointment

I was so excited to go back to Luminous You for my second appointment. I wasn’t nervous like I was before my first appointment because I knew what to expect. (If you would like to read about my first appointment: click here) I arrived a little early and Valery was with someone else but she made a point to say hello when I came into the office! (It’s things like this that let you know Valery really cares about her clients.)

Once my appointment started, Valery asked me how I felt since my last appointment and if I noticed anything different. I told her that shortly after my first appointment I noticed that I had a few small, raised, brown spots. I wasn’t sure about one of these spots – I couldn’t tell if it was a deep blemish or if it was a freckle, but it looked like a very noticeable blackhead to me and I was super self-conscience about it; to my surprise this spot actually flaked off. (I’d like to add that Valery is very patient and willing to answer any and all of my questions, even if I’ve asked the question before and just looking for reassurance!)

Next, it was numbing time! I love this; when the tingling starts, I know it’s working and I won’t feel too much during my treatments. Valery decided that she would use the BBL machine again for a few treatments, very similar to last time and also use the “Fotona” machine for a more precise way of reaching my vessels. (The Fotona is a laser that has many different uses.) I noticed some redness on my face from my last session did lessen, but I don’t think the cold Minnesota air helps my red cheeks! I love that Valery is able to adjust the lasers and lights to focus on my particular problem areas. The same lasers that are used for hair removal can be adjusted to work on my redness, potential acne, and acne scars.

Valery started to work her magic and that rubber band feeling was back, I totally psych myself out and think that it will hurt worse than it does. Valery also always says that if the feeling is too intense, she is able to adjust the settings so it isn’t as bad. The first wand treatments were the same with the BBL machine. My favorite part of the BBL machine is the tightening wand, it’s warm and like a roller ball feeling on your skin. I honestly can feel my skin tightening right away, its quite refreshing.

I didn’t know what to expect with the Fotona laser, but Valery forewarned me that it would burn, but only for a short time and in small areas. She was correct, it did burn a little but nothing this Mama couldn’t handle.

Once my treatments were done I was good to go. My face was more red than normal, but this is expected. Within a few hours I noticed some skin peeling off my face, but very minimal. I even went out to dinner a few hours after my appointment, no makeup, and red, but not more red than usual.

In my car, about 5 minutes after my appointment.

By the next morning, my cheeks were noticeably less red this time and more of a rosy pink! It is nice to see progress and to have before photos to look back to. I go back for my third treatment in two weeks. I am excited to see what Valery has in store for me.

Overall, I am really enjoying my experience at Luminous You. I know my photos and videos may look scary, but I promise the treatments aren’t that bad! In the moment there might be a little pain or discomfort, but it only lasts for a very short amount of time. It’s nice to see progress with my areas of concern, this lets me know that the little bit of discomfort is totally worth it!

Don’t forget to make your appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION! Valery is wanting to help you too! Remember, you only get one skin…so take care of it!

Morning after! Only wearing mascara and lipstick.

*This post is sponsored but the opinions and views in this post are completely mine and 100% honest

What’s for dinner?!

Hey there friends! Back for another installment of What’s for Dinner?!

I have to make a correction, last week I said the meals were mostly from The Pound Dropper, but some were also from The Skinnyish Dish!

Here we go for 2/10-2/16:

Sunday: One Pot Skillet Lasagna

Monday: Hamburger Salad

Tuesday: Breakfast Tacos served with shredded hash brown potatoes

Wednesday: Lightened up Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Thursday: Heart Shaped Pizza served with salad

Friday: Homemade waffles served with fruit

Saturday: TDB- I’ve been wanting to make Italian Sloppy Joe’s but I keep forgetting so maybe this!


Luminous You: First Appointment

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for…I had my first appointment with Valery at Luminous You!

Before my appointment

Before My Appointment

I had done my homework on BBL (Broadband Light) treatment and knew that it’s been very helpful for people with acne, dark spots, redness, lines, etc… If you recall my last post about Luminous You I discussed a skincare goal for this year and wanting to look my best at my age. I want to be able to go out without having the need for makeup. I think even just after today I’m off to a good start.

During My Appointment

When I arrived, Valery greeted me and brought me into one of the rooms. She explained to me that she was going to use numbing cream (sounds scary, I know!) and let me sit for about 20 minutes. The numbing cream was so gentle on my skin. My face basically ended up feeling like what your mouth would feel like if you had lidocaine at the dentist. Honestly, those 20 minutes were the most relaxing minutes of my day!

Once I was numb, we went into the other room which had the BBL machine. Valery reassured me that she would let me know what she is doing before hand and she would make sure that I felt comfortable with what was going on.

Numb and ready!

Valery gave me proper eye protection and she went to work. The light is very bright and the best analogy I can give you is that it felt like rubber bands snapping on my face, and that is with being numbed! Valery made sure that I wasn’t in too much pain and explained what was going on throughout my session.

Valery used three different settings on my face: one for dark sports, one for redness, and one for tightening. After a few passes of the light over my face and a few different techniques Valery wiped away the gels and applied a moisturizer. I was informed that I will be red for a little while but that will subside within a few hours. She also advised against exercise for 24 hours.

Immediately after my appointment

After My Appointment

This experience has made me realize how many times I touch my face in a day, since I’ve been doing my best to not touch!!

I really appreciate that Valery takes the time to make me feel comfortable and discuss with me and educate me along the way. There is such a sense of comfort and care when in her chair. I go back to Luminous You in two weeks for my next appointment! I’ll make sure to leave little updates on how my skin is between now and then! I have to say, it’s been about 4 hours since my appointment and my skin already looks better and feels tighter!

As a reminder: always wear sunscreen, and make sure it contains zinc oxide! Valery truly wants to help her clients achieve the best version of themselves, she’s not just going to fill you up with things you don’t need and send you on your way. She can help you look your best for your age!

Here’s to a year of improving my skin and hopefully helping you keep yours glowing or improve yours too! Don’t forget to call or email Valery to set up your free consultation!

One hour after my appointment

*This post is sponsored but the opinions and views in this post are completely mine and 100% honest.

What’s for dinner?!

Hey Friends! This week I’ve been MIA because of the Polar Vortex and didn’t have time to write while we were hibernating.

Here is the meal plan for this week!

Sunday: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Monday: Chicken and Rice Casserole serves with green beans

Tuesday: Crock Pot Beef and Potato Taco Chili

Wednesday: LEFTOVERS!!!

Thursday: One Pot Cheeseburger Pasta

Friday: Homemade Pizza Night

Saturday: Breakfast for Dinner

Most of these recipe ideas come from

19 Goals for 2019

Someone gave the idea to come up with 19 goals for the new year and here are mine. I didn’t go into detail of each goal but if you would like to know more about why I chose each one feel free to ask!

  1. Sleep more
  2. Stay healthy
  3. Manage stress
  4. Take better care of my skin
  5. Read more books.
  6. Bar Crawl with friends
  7. Plant a Garden
  8. Plan weekend getaways throughout the year
  9. Dates with the boys separately. (1 on 1 times)
  10. Take a class
  11. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  12. Remove self from toxic relationships
  13. Throw a party for friends
  14. Up my water intake
  15. Go to new restaurant
  16. Be more confident
  17. Focus on Self-Care
  18. Give neighbors a gift
  19. Be kind to myself

These two ♥️

Everything I do is for these two.

I am doing everything in my power to raise them as kind humans. Their dad is amazing and is modeling such great things for them. We all have our days, some good or bad. But I look at their faces and know I’m doing something right. It’s funny to think that these two, 4.5 and almost 2, are teaching me so much about myself, about them, about life…every single day. I truly am blessed to have these sweet babes in my life.


GUYS!!! I was invited to Bachman’s for a sneak peek event at Bachman’s Holiday Idea House! I was able to bring a plus one and I brought my mother in law since she has been telling me about Bachman’s since we moved here (for about 9 months now) that I had to go to this place and how amazing it is!

So the Holiday Idea House was incredible! I felt like I walked into my Aunt Karen’s house (she’s an incredible decorator!) and just made me so happy! I’m all about Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday, but Bachman’s gave me such Christmas cheer!

The House is open to the public today, November 8 and is open until December 16.

This was just one of many rooms!!!

We also were able to explore the rest of Bachman’s and even had some delicious treats from the cafe located there too!

The best part about the house was that you could go to the store and buy anything and everything that you loved inside the house! (This could be dangerous!!!)

I found the most magical trees all lit and ready for Santa!

Since I was there for a special event we were able to make these super cute ornaments too!

I honestly can’t wait to go back to Bachman’s to shop for the holiday season so I can decorate my new home for Christmas!

Below are the list of events coming up a Bachman’s. I know we are excited to attend a few of them!

Holiday Idea House: November 8-December 16.

Holiday Open House: Saturday, November 17: 9 am-3pm *Santa and his reindeer, Albert, will make an appearance!

Who Wants to be a Toymaker? Holiday Play: November 17-December 16

Santa and Albert Photos Only Nights: Monday, November 26, 6 pm-7 pm and Monday, December 3, 6 pm- 7 pm

Inspiration Night: Make it Merry: Thursday, November 29. 4-8 pm

Holiday Design Workshops: Holiday Wreath: December 2 and 4 Trendy Greens Wreath Design: December 9

I gave addition information on each of these events so please feel free to ask for more!!

Huge thank you to MNBloggerBash and Bachman’s for a very merry night!